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    Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Arish

  • Ministry of Higher Education

    Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Arish

  • Ministry of Higher Education

    Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Arish

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    Dr. Ahmed Naeem Shaker Badawi Chairman of the Board of Directors

    With dreams, hope, and action, we started, aiming to provide distinguished educational and educational services for the complete development of students’ intellectual capabilities. Our goal is to liberate students’ thinking for creativity, challenge, and leadership in the field of engineering education and scientific research. This is to keep pace with technological development, contributing to serving the community and developing the local and regional environment. The Institute aims to prepare engineers capable of meeting the challenges of the job market.

    The Institute is committed to rebuilding moral and university values ​​among its students, aspiring for the student to be a model of the modern educated engineer. The student should bear responsibility, adopt the philosophy of dialogue and teamwork, and showcase their personality because the institute’s student will be an ambassador for the institute and reflect its image to society.

    Since its inception, the institute has witnessed outstanding performance from generations of graduates, first and foremost thanks to Allah, then thanks to wise management and the efforts of the faculty members.

    The position earned by the graduates is a natural result of hard work and diligent research on how to develop effective methods for delivering a distinguished academic program.

    To all members of the institute’s departments, let us work together with love, dedication, creativity, and may you remain for us as teachers, colleagues, and students…

    Dr. Kamal Murad Dean of the Institute

    Dear students and future leaders,

    With the beginning of a new academic year, I am pleased, on behalf of myself and all the staff, to welcome you to your distinguished institute, the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Arish. The institute always strives to graduate engineers who meet the technical and professional needs of various institutions. They should be equipped with the foundations of knowledge and skills in their field of specialization and have a complete awareness of the needs and problems of society and the environment, as well as the professional ethics.

    The institute offers four distinguished study programs: Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Power Engineering, and Communications Engineering.

    The institute is currently developing its study programs according to national academic standards and seeking accreditation from the National Accreditation Authority to ensure the quality of education. This is to graduate distinguished engineering cadres capable of competing and keeping up with global changes in the job market. Additionally, the graduates should meet the engineering needs of the local and regional markets.

    Dear visitors to the institute’s website, I hope you find all the answers to your inquiries on this site. Please do not hesitate to contact the institute if you need more information.

    In conclusion, I thank you for visiting the website of the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Arish. I wish all the faculty, assistant staff, employees, and students of the institute success in their efforts to make this institute a beacon of knowledge in our beloved Egypt.

    Introduction to the Institute

    The Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Arish was established in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 52 of the year 1970, regulating private higher institutes. It was founded based on the license granted by the Ministry of Higher Education through Ministerial Decree No. 1308 of the year 2005. The institute aims to be a cornerstone of development in North Sinai Governorate, contributing to stability, localization, and increasing population density. It strives to graduate generations of talented individuals who will lead the movement of development and urbanization.

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